We started our journey on early2017,

and since then have been making efforts to deliver some of the best wines we have submitted our senses, into our market, Alpasion Wines from Argentina and Huneeus Vintners from California.
Our business can be divided in two operation areas:

Distribution - By appointment, where we visit your business.

Concept Store in Escazú, where we take care of petite groups (4pax) and will do our best for making you feel like home and taste some of our Delizia’s portfolio, according with your varietal preferences.

We the oenophiles share one thing in common, we love wine. Why, mainly because each wine has its secrets and complexity in its process which involves labour, science and art.

All this elements collide with harmony, before delivered into your hands.

The most important thing about having a glass of wine is the experience, it certainly will give the opportunity to build a story upon the delight of this precious liquid, the people that will be sharing this moment and the place where we allow this encounter. DELIZIA comes in play, not only because we have devoted our time to pick great vintners and bring them to indulge the Costa Rican palates, but because we are on the search of those storytellers.

Come join us, and don’t forget to bring your pen and notebook.
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